PDO Solid Filler Threads

woman smiling about her PDO Solid Filler Threads from Stevenson Orthodontics
PDO threads are designed to either smooth "crepey" skin (Smoothing threads) or to lift drooping skin (Lifting threads). In Smile Esthetics the PDO threads are used to help "lift" the corners of the mouth and to "lift" the cheeks in reducing the naso-labial folds. By doing so this helps frame the Smile into a more Youthful Smile!

​One of the biggest advantages of these threads is their ability to stimulate the production of collagen. These polydiazonone (PDO) threads, or resorbable sutures, have been around for several years in the surgical field and now we are pleased to use them in the tissues surrounding the mouth.

The advantages of PDO threads include:
•  Production of collagen
•  Neocollagenesis
•  Surrounding tissue adhesion
•  Surrounding tissue anchoring
•  Inducement of skin regeneration
•  Regeneration of skin and subcutaneous tissues

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